Модул AC PWM регулатор 4000W

Модул AC PWM регулатор 4000W
Модул AC PWM регулатор 4000W
  • На склад: 10
  • Наградни точки: 4
  • Модел: PWM-AC4000W
Преглеждания: 26
Цена в Бонус точки: 144
2 или повече 12.00лв
5 или повече 10.00лв
10 или повече 8.80лв
  • Thyristor model: BTA41600B
  • Size: long 85* wide 55* high 38mm, knob hole 6mm.
  • The maximum power: 4000 w (impedance load limit power), should reduce the power used for a long time.
  • Work  Above rate: 90%
  • Working voltage: AC 220V
  •  Regulating voltage: AC 10-220V

Pay attention to must answer the load voltage regulation again.

Controllable silicon is mainly used for resistive load (heating wire incandescent lamps, etc.), single-phase AC motor parts can also be, but do not guarantee can be, and other types of load please buyers to confirm. The fuse is not a panacea, reaction time, if the current is too large, in addition to burn out the fuse, a module may be burned.

Note that joint plastic cover due to the installation of the shell, can not be completely opened and a screwdriver to slant little twist, also opened to be careful, excessive force to snapping lid, express transportation also may be crushed and as vulnerable, but will not affect the module use, .

Fuse voltage regulator with casingSafer, more convenient installation, more suitable for families and inconvenient installation of factories and enterprises

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